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Nokia 808 PureView - Smartphone with a 41-Megapixel Camera

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Nokia pulled no punches at the starting gate of World Mobile Congress 2012 today with the debut of its new flagship model, the Nokia 808 PureView. While seemingly simple on appearance, the smartphone is the first to feature Nokia's PureView imaging technology, a newly developed feature that brings together high resolution sensor, state-of-the-art software, and exclusive optics by Carl Zeiss. At the core of 808 PureView is one of the largest imaging sensor to be fitted onto a mobile device, calibrated at a whopping 41 megapixel. In conjunction with the specialized Carl Zeiss lens, users can capture an image first, then zoom, reframe, and resize later without the loss of resolutions, or something Nokia calls "lossless zoom". With the ability to record 1080p video in HD and Dolby surround sound playback, the Nokia 808 PureView is the company's bid to reclaim the #1 spot as the world's leading smartphone producer.