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Sneaker Con Miami - March 17th, 2012

Sneaker Con is continuing its world domination tour, preparing to land in Miami for the second time this March. As the premier convention for sneakerheads, the show provides a great space for collectors and casuals alike to come together to buy, sell, and trade whatever pieces of fine footwear their hearts desire. You can do much more than mingle with the other attendees though, as plenty of vendors will be in the building fully equipped with heat for you to purchase-or just stare at longingly. Follow us after the jump to get the full details for Sneaker Con Miami, and make plans now for the show which impacts on Saturday, March 17th 2012.

Sneaker Con Miami Fieldhouse at Bank United Center University of Miami 1245 Dauer Drive | Map Miami, FL 33146

Event Date: March 17th 2012 (Saturday) | Noon - 7 pm