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Nike Soccer Korea National Team 2012/2013 Away Kit

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The king of the world's game in Asia, South Korea, picked up their new Away Kit built for them by Nike Soccer. The kit is infused with powerful national symbols and modern performance enhancements throughout its design, with the Taegeuk - the yin and yang circle on the national flag - being front and center. The red and blue joins together at the center, much like the style of play celebrated by the South Korean players, who work as an unbreakable unit to overcome their opponents. On the inside of the neck of the jersey, the message is less subtle where a Tuhon symbol written in traditional Korean calligraphy signifies the "Fighting Spirit" that defines the source of the teams success. The structure of the kit itself matches that seen in those released for the Dutch and French National Teams, where fibers from about 13 plastic bottles were reworked to form shorts that 100% polyester and tops that are 96% polyester while also being 23% lighter than four years ago. The kit is also embedded with Nike Dri-FIT technology, which, when paired with the Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong shorts and Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2.0 top help to regulate players' temperatures on the pitch and add additional protection during the match. It will take a little longer to see this kit in action, however, since their next match-up against Kuwait is at home today, but a win will advance the South Koreans to the next round of the Asian 2014 World Cup qualifier.