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Playing Angry Bird With A Real Slingshot

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If you count yourself as one of the people who contributed to making Angry Birds the most downloaded mobile app of 2011 (more than 700 million downloads and counting) you might be interested in an interactive companion app, though it's one you won't be able to simply download. In short, it's a real slingshot, incorporating technology from microcontroller company embed. An accelerometer measures tilt, while a rubber stretch sensor measuring tensile force. Both are hooked up to an mbed NXP LPC11U24 board that uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 Core processor, and a USB connection allows the PC to recognize the slingshot as a mouse. One last ingredient -- an actual slingshot, which looks much cooler if it's made from an actual branch. Click through for a video demonstration, plus where to go for instructions on how to build one yourself. via: The Verge