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CHERUBIM Air Line Bike | By Shinichi Konno

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Often overshadowed by its motorized cousins, the world of bespoke bike building is finally enjoying the limelight thanks to sponsored event like Levi's Commuter Series and builder such as Shinichi Konno. Proprietor of CHERUBIM, a custom bike shop on the outskirt Tokyo, Konno's insatiable appetite to push the envelope of bike design led him to the CHERUBIM Air Line. While its brilliant red coating, chrome accents invoke the 1950's Radio Flyer wagons and tricycles, the CHERUBIM Air Line is no plaything for a kid. Minimalistic to the extreme, there are virtually no "right angles"or sharp edges on it. Instead, just graceful curves and elongated ellipses. Though perfectly ride-ready with velodrome cycling in mind, its easy to mistaken the CHERUBIM Air Line as a gallery work of art

381-1 Negishimachi | Map
Machida, Tokyo Japan