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Ewing Athletics - New Website Launch

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Similar to that of Michael Jordan's, the basketball career of Patrick Ewing is something most would be envious about. Plucked as the #1 Draft Pick of 1984 from Georgetown, where he was a NCAA Champion, Ewing went on to lead the New York Knicks for 15 years till his trade to Seattle SuperSonics in 2000. Along the way, Ewing won the NBA Rookie of the Year title, a 2-time member of the "Dream Team", went onto 11 NBA All-Star Games, and became the most visible Knicks player for more than a decade. To honor such storied career, Ewing Athletics, his very own signature footwear label, is set for a relaunch this summer. The brand first came onto the scene at the height of Ewing's career in the early 1990s. Though the sneakers were virtually indistinguishable from the Delta Force of an earlier era, its bold letterings and oversized tongue became something of a trend statement among New York City students. The label, which has since closed, hopes to capitalize on the fans' new found interest with the current fervor surrounding the Knicks after a decade of decline. Most importantly, it wants to share with them the story of one of the team's most celebrated player. Look for Ewing Athletics products to arrive later this summer.

Release Date: Summer 2012