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Stussy Livin' General Store - Spring 2012 Collection | March Releases

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Stussy Livin' General Store is gearing up for the Spring season by launching their new releases for March. Many of the items feature vibrant colors to brighten up the atmosphere. As with the previous releases, the brand aims to team up with carefully selected companies and manufacturers to produce high quality products. There are tote bags, dog leash and collar produced in conjunction with FAVOR and PORTER. The leash and collar is made from vintage fabrics, while custom embroideries can be made on the exterior of the tote bag. A pair of dust-boxes are made by wood specialist, Saito Wood, which was established in the 50's. The brightly colored recycled nylon eco bags from ChicoBag will be perfect for grocery shopping and there are more trays and coasters featuring vintage fabrics by Chongo. All of the items will be available from Thursday, March 8th from Stussy Livin' General Store stockists Japan wide.