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FabCafe - iPhone Case + Paper Laser Cutting Cafe | Tokyo

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For creative types, a cafe is more than just a place for socialization. Its a place of work that doubles as conference room, a laboratory, and during off hours, a recreation hall. To emulate the same co-working atmosphere, Japan's LoftWork Inc. and Toshiya Fukuda founded FabCafe in Shibuya, a cafe not only with the perfect cup of brew, but unlimited Internet access, and its tour-de-force, a communal laser etching machine. Cafe's patrons will have access to freely create their own designs on various mediums, all the while mingling with like-minded people. Located just below the highway overpass, FabCafe is set to open on March 7th, this coming Wednesday.

1-22-7 Dogenzaka | Map
Shibuya, Tokyo Japan