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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – SP5 Conference Custom Inspired By Air Force One | By HARTMANN

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Ciao Ferrari. Farewell Bentley. The newest status symbol for the ultra rich and famous isn’t a super car or a sedan with over-the-top embellishments. Instead, its the lowly van, heavily modified for any occasions. Even before Blue Ivy Carter made it a “must-have” vehicle to be seen in, the pampered few already prefer the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to be their transport of choice or conversion like this one by German tuner HARTMANN. Dubbed the S5 Conference, the inspiration behind the design actually came from Air Force One (the plane, not the shoe). Refurnished in supple leather and wood inlays, all seating are in Captain’s Chair style and swivel 360-degree. Foldable table can be discreetly tucked away to the back of the vehicle, where a sizable pantry with wooden cupboards, a cooler and even the latest espresso maker by Miele, all to cater to your needs. via: WCF