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LEGO CUUSOO - Modular Apple Store | By GoToAndBuild

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Approximately 15 hours from now, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and reveal the much anticipated Apple iPad 3. In an almost perfect coordination of time, LEGO brick layer GoToAndBuild presented his design as well, a recreation of "release day" at Apple Store. Assembled from 800 pieces, GoToAndBuild included every minute details from iPhone, iMac, iPads, Genius Bar, the ever cheerful employees, and a line-up. To be accurate, there is even tribute to the late Steve Jobs, in the form of "bearded" LEGO mini-figure in black turtleneck and jeans. Published on LEGO CUUSOO, an online community of LEGO Maniacs, the miniature diorama already received over 212 comments and 1000 supporters. Tangible evidence to the power of LEGO and Apple.