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Nike+ FuelStation at BOXPARK Pop-Up Mall | London, England

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To coincide future launch of the Nike+ FuelBand at additional retail locations in Europe, Nike facilitated the first ever Nike+ FuelStation at London's BOXPARK pop-up mall. Situated just around the corner from where the 2012 Olympic Summer Games will take place, the Nike+ FuelStation offers more than just a purchasing point of Nike products. It will also be a conceptual storefront where visitors can experience few of the technical features that will improve their performances. And starting in May, the Nike+ FuelStation at BOXPARK will become one of the few stocklist for the popular Nike+ FuelBand.

Shoreditch High Street Station | Map
Shoreditch, London England

Nike+ FuelStation at BOXPARK Offers:

  • Digital Mannequins motion sensitive intelligent mirrors that reveal film footage of local runners wearing key products from the store

  • Interactive Touch Screens providing consumers with information about Nike+ products, Nike+ Run Club sessions and products

  • Weekly Nike+ Run Club free running club open to all East London runners

  • Physio and Nutritionist Services free regular consultations with physios and nutritionists for Nike+ Run Club members

  • Gait Analysis in-store treadmill to allow consumers to purchase the right shoe for their running style

  • Nike+ FuelBand Interactive Experience - a motion sensitive installation where consumers see a life-size, digitized reflection on an LCD wall that reacts to movement to create a stunning piece of digital art that can be shared with friends via social networks