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Ace Hotel x BEAMS - Interview with Alex Calderwood | Video

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Portland-based Ace Hotel has enjoyed an on-going partnership with Japan's Beams, and a new video produced by Beams traces the origin of the relationship through an interview with Ace Hotel's Alex Calderwood. Though he holds the title "cultural engineer," Alex is one of the four co-founders of the charmingly quirky independent hotel chain. He cites the New York location as a preeminent inspiration, housed in a turn of the century building with an industrial quality that the brand maintained even after its renovation. With respect to the collaboration with Beams, Alex notes the truly collaborative nature of the project, with some pieces made in Japan, others made in the U.S. A subtle nautical theme was embraced by both as emblematic of the ocean that both bonds and separates the two companies. Check out the video interview following the click, as well as a second video that acts as a very stylized tour guide to attractions in New York.