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Stussy Deluxe Spring 2012 Collection Lookbook | By Jim Mangan

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The way natural lighting disperses throughout the image and the ease of each subject's movement within frame, photographer Jim Mangan effortlessly takes his audience back to a simpler time in the latest lookbook for Stussy Deluxe. Perhaps its because his upbringing in Illinois, a location not far from the American heartland. Or maybe because the session was done over two days in Utah. Beautifully shot with the trusted 35mm film, Mangan enveloped his subjects in a "cool mystical vibe". He even tried several eccentric props, like pigmented bear fat body paint, during the shoot. In each photo, Mangan undoubtedly left a sense of abstractness. The purpose was to let the audience complete and question the theme themselves, whatever that might be. And because of that, Mangan certainly stamped his signature among a legion of talented photographers - Tyrone and Mark Lebon, Collier Schorr, Peter Sutherland, Mark Borthwick and Ari Marcopoulos, all collaborated with Stussy in the past. As for Spring 2012 Collection from Stussy Deluxe, all will be available at Stussy Chapter Stores and this coming Friday, March 9th.

Release Date: March 9th, 2012 (Friday)