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4Q x REAL - Max Schaaf x Chris Wright Skatebord Deck + Poster | Video

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In any athletic field, not every athlete will have the chance to make it to the big time and this is especially true in skateboarding. Behind all the super star pro skaters we see in the lime light, there are countless others that fade away quietly into the shadows. This does not mean to say that Max Schaaf is not a legend in his own right, although these days, Schaaf is better known as a motorcycle builder than a skateboarder.

He runs his own motorcycle garage 4Q out in Oakland, customizing metal work on choppers and the like. Schaaf got a helping hand from his artist friend Chris Wright to design a limited edition 4Q x REAL skateboard deck. Complementing the decks are 300 pieces of velvet flocked posters that are individually signed by both Schaaf and Wright. Watch the humorous promotional video that Schaaf made with REAL after the jump.