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How To Photograph A Lamborghini Aventador

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Commercial photographer Blair Bunting is best known for capturing images of professional athletes like Mike Tyson, Darrelle Revis and Discovery Channel personalities from Myth Busters and Deadliest Catch. Recently he invited the crew from Fstoppers to Loft 19 Studios in Arizona to document his techniques in shooting his sexiest subject yet: one of the first Lamborghini Aventadors to ship to North America. The resulting behind the scenes video reveals the unique preparations that Blair undertook, from examining the car via the video game Forza Motorsport 4 in free-look mode, to shining an overhead light on a model car to conceptualize how the light will define the car's distinct shoulder line. Once inside the studio with the Lamborghini, Blair proceeds to offer practical tips, such as the importance of using a large soft light source from above, like the 30' Chimera Softbox that he uses as his primary "key light." It's fascinating stuff, from which budding photographers will likely leave with a few takeaways. Check it out following the click.