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What started out as a personal top 50 best products list from A Bathing Ape has now grown to be printed as a full-fledged book by Rizzoli. NIGO listed out his favorite items from A Bathing Ape on his blog on a while back, and the BAPE ARCHIVES by NIGO book is a continuation of the list by including a total of 108 pieces. Most of the items listed inside were conceptualized by NIGO, yet he also admits some of the ideas came from a team brainstorming session. The gold exterior mimics a gold bullion, and the book will be sold at most BAPE Stores and all good book stores around the world. NIGO did hint that if he had an opportunity to make another book, it would be his favorite BAPE items that were produced by someone other than himself. This book is published in English, Japanese, and Chinese and will go on sale beginning Sunday, April 01, 2012. via: