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LEGO Space Shuttle - A Journey To 115,000 Feet | Video

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If you're feeling a little confused about seeing NASA's Space Shuttle in space after its well-documented final flight in July 2011, you're not alone. Over half a million people (and climbing fast) have watched the launch and flight of a Space Shuttle of a much smaller scale hit 115,000 feet, enough to hit the stratosphere and capture the curvature of the Earth. Using LEGO's Minifigure Space Shuttle kit (#3367) powered by a 1,600g helium-filled weather balloon, Romanian teenager Raul Oaida, with help from sponsor Steve Sammartino, launched the mini-shuttle into space last December as a toy tribute to NASA's space program - of course with the permission of German air traffic control. The whole trip was captured by a GoPro Hero camera, which was later recovered with the help of a GPS tracking device about 150 miles away from the launch site. Definitely LEGO at its finest. Check out the video after the jump and read more about the team on their blog.