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PEUGEOT DL122 Urban Bicycle Concept | With Laptop Compartment

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Better known for its automotive creations here in the west, French carmaker PEUGEOT is actually quite well known for its 2-wheel products on the other side of the globe as well, particularly its foldable bicycles. An effort to address the needs of today's urban cyclists and bike commuters, PEUGEOT devised the DL122 Urban Bicycle Concept. With a laptop/document holder built-in as the frame already, cyclist can tuck away their briefcase conveniently. Not only the holder secures the laptop and protects it from damages, the positioning is ideal spot for center of gravity, thus a more stable ride. Constructed in wood, aluminum, and features leather seat, handgrip, 20-inch wheels, and an 8-speed hub. via: DesignBoom