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Yves Rossy - The Jetman | Video

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Switzerland's Yves Rossy - a.k.a. The Jetman - has made a name for himself by flying over the Grand Canyon and the English Channel using his custom-built jet suit. While his latest stunt, which put him in formation alongside two L-39C Albatros plane over the Swiss Alps, has probably dropped the most jaws, as Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer found out in an interview filmed in Bex, Switzerland, Rossy doesn't plan on stopping there. Rossy hopes to continue to push the limits of his machine and his body for years to come, with the ultimate goal of taking off from land with jets attached to his limbs. Until then, Rossy begins each of his flights already airborne by jumping out of planes or helicopters before his jet-powered flight suit kicks in, which he built himself. With a two meter wing span and cruising speeds of over 200mph, Rossy stears this first-of-its-kind jet using body positioning alone (he equates it to skiing). Click here to see the full interview in HD and to learn more about the Jetman straight from the source. via: AOL Translogic