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Legolize It - Self-Portraits Become LEGO Mini Figures | By Fabien Bouchard & Mademoiselle Maurice

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Fabien Bouchard, founder of art and design blog Ufunk, and French artist Mademoiselle Maurice, are the creators of a quirky art project they call "Legolize It." It's essentially a series of self-portraits in which outfits and identities change, but the face remains the same: that of a smiling LEGO figure's disembodied head, often wearing a hat or glasses, standing in for the face of the person holding the head. The photographs are shot using Polaroid instant film, capturing the nostalgic feel of LEGO toys. According to the artists, "'Legolize It' is a way to not forget our childhood, and remember that everyone has a LEGO piece inside." It's a poignant sentiment, and something that may require a trip to the doctor and an X-ray exam. Check out additional portraits in the gallery below. via: designboom