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New York Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni Resigns - Phil Jackson Listed As Possible Replacement

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Even the meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin couldn't save Mike D'Antoni, the embattled Head Coach for the New York Knicks. After a bruising loss to the Chicago Bulls on Monday night, D'Antoni submitted his resignation during a meeting this afternoon with James L. Dolan, chairman of the NY Knicks/MSG organization, and general manager Glen Grunwald. In his contract's last year as the head coach, D'Antoni took the helm in 2008 after the tumultuous tenure of Isiah Thomas. Under D'Antoni, Knicks enjoyed more attention in recent years, first with the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the roster, then the fervor over Jeremy Lin's rise. Yet, D'Antoni never truly capitalize these occasions into an actual winning season. Plus, the ongoing tension between his coaching method and Carmelo Anthony's style of play, which rumored to be one of the key factors for D'Antoni's resignation. Assistant coach Mike Woodson will step in as the interim coach for the duration of the season. Meanwhile, the Knicks organization is seeking for a new head coach. One possible candidate in the running, Phil Jackson, the retire head coach of L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls, who started his career in basketball as a player for the Knicks.