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Puma Social

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Puma Social celebrates the after-hours athlete, and a new short film, created by the Droga5 agency and directed by Fredrik Bond, showcases the wellspring of fun that arises out of late night competitive games. They include activities like darts, ping pong and foosball, accompanied by food, drink and the simple enjoyment of communing with one's friends. It's a welcome alternative to staying in and lounging on the sofa, staring at "a televised spew of reality stars, fame hunters and prima donnas." A pointed reminder: channel surfing is not a sport. The video features apparel, footwear and accessories from the entire 2012 range of the Puma Social collection, official outfitter to the after-hours athlete. Check it out following the click, and look for the Puma Social experience to launch on a global scale throughout 2012, culminating in the opening of the largest Puma Social Club, the Puma Yard in East London, during the summer Olympics.