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Nike Free 2012 Presentation - Nike Kukini Free - Spring/Summer 2012

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Similar to the Huaraches, there is a cultural significance to another Nike creation, the Nike Kukini. Derived from the language of Hawaii's native inhabitants, Kukini were runners, messengers of utmost importance between the various tribes. Chosen from the best runners, the Kukini trained and prepared specifically for there errands, very often in times of conflict between tribes. While the same cannot be said of the creations by Nike, the designs themselves created a phenomenon that even comedic actor Robin Williams stocked up on a few pairs. Fast forward to 2012 and like many Nike footwear, the Kukini undergoes a drastic transformation. The result is the Nike Free Kukini In place of the original Neoprene design, the new rendition has a mesh upper, similar to that of Nike Free Run 2+, instead. Another addition is the the Nike Free outsole with articulation rate of 5.0, right in the middle of rating spectrum. What remains is the tensile plastic web that doubles as laces. Available in light blue or bright red, both will launch sometime in early April 2012.