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Blancpain Traditional Chinese Calendar Watch

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An interesting new piece revealed at this year's BASELWORLD from renowned the Swiss watchmakers at Blancpain is the first mechanical watch equipped with the traditional Chinese calendar, which was first established thousands of years ago and is strongly rooted in Chinese tradition. On its beautiful white dial, the hours, minutes, and the more familiar Gregorian calendar blend with the main indicators of the Chinese calendar, including the double-hour marks, the day within the lunisolar cycle, and the month with the leap month demarcation. Each of the five elements and the 10 celestial stems are also woven into the chronographs and follow the 60-year cycle that is fundamental to flow of time in Chinese culture. The moon phases - a key element in the initiation of a new month - are also presented above the Blancpain logo. The internal workings of this watch are equally impressive with the precision movement of the self-winding Claibre 3638 mechanism. Available now in a limited edition platinum (20 pieces) or unlimited red gold, find this unmatched part of the brand's Villeret collection at the Blancpain retailer nearest to you. via: PERPETUELLE