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INSA - Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection Installation | London

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INSA will be showcasing his latest installation at the LONDONEWCASTLE Project Space next week. The new work is entitled Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection, and it is a departure from his usual paintings and sculpture pieces. A large-scale abstract installation was built inside a room, wrapping around the four walls that measure 4 meters by 10 meters each. Digitally printed wall coverings create an optical illusion, and amongst the chaotic design are two of INSA's iconic women who dwell within. Beneath the superficial surface, the work pushes to question our image and the money-obsessed culture we are part of. Unfortunately, this installation can only be seen for one day, so do drop by the gallery if you are in the neighborhood.

28 Redchurch Street | Map
London, E2 7DP

Event Date: March 29th, 2012 (Thursday) | 7pm - 10pm