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Instagram & Hipstamatic To Share Photos In Upcoming Partnership

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When it hit 27 million users last weekend, Instagram became the top dog in the dog-eat-dog realm of social networks. The astonishing growth, especially in the last 6 months when its memberships tripled, is largely thanks to the ease of sharing among other Instagram users. Unfortunately, not the case when users want to import photos from other social networks to Instagram. That was till today when Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and Lucas Buick, CEO for Hipstamatic, another popular imaging app, announced a partnership between both apps. Through the magic of API and code sharing, Hipstamatic users can push their images to Instagram. Of course there isn't anything new here since you can do that already. Just the partnership will make the process simpler, not to mention Hipstamatic's appeal to professional photographers and photojournalists - Its 4 million users uploaded some 48 million images each month and counts Damon Winter of New York Times as one of its users. With this announcement, both companies predict more social networks to open sharing options in the near future. via: Fast Company