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Nike Sportswear Presents: The Chance | With Spike Lee

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"Drive is the fuel that makes you want to succeed..."
The greatest stories yet to be told as a new generation of footballers take to the pitches around the world. But now, through an effort by Nike Sportswear, those stories of triumph over adversities, personal victories against the status quo, and many others like them will be in the public light for the first time. Introducing The Chance by Nike Sportswear, a global creative competition where still and moving images about these achievements along with the emotions attached to them will be voted by a panel of judges including Pep Guardiola and Spike Lee. The route for both the athletes and the creative types will be the same come later this year when Lee announces the winning campaign at Barcelona's Global Finals. More importantly, however, its an opportunity to capture a moment that will be forever linked to a worldwide movement and the beautiful game itself.