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BNE - BNE Water Foundation in Uganda | Video

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Some of you may be unaware of the BNE Water Foundation, set up by the once-infamous graffiti writer, BNE. The non-profit organization aims to help provide clean water to those without access to it. To illustrate how the organization works and who is benefiting from the donations, BNE has compiled a video which outlines the whole project in an easy-to-understand summary. BNE Water Foundation is partnering up with Drink Local Drink Tap (US NPO) to channel their donations to the needy in Africa. In this particular video, they focus on a small village called Mulajje in the Luwero district of Central Uganda. It does not take much to help the less fortunate, and water is definitely one of the necessities of life that needs to be improved in these parts of the world. Watch the short film below and learn about the charity organization.