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Budnitz Bicycles - Bike Model No. 3

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Greetings urban cyclists, meet Model No. 3, the latest from Paul Budnitz Bicycles (or Budnitz Bicycles, as it is known now). As you would've guess it, this is the third iteration from the upstart bike brand by Paul Budnitz, founder of designer toy label Kidrobot. Aiming to be one of the lightest and fastest bicycle for the urban terrain, Budnitz starts off with stainless steel and titanium as the base materials. Thanks to its Cantilever Frame, a signature design element that displaces much of the road impact, especially helpful in the pot-hole laden streets of New York City. Finally, premium components such as, disc brakes and Gates Carbon Belt Drive System (instead of typical bike chain), complete a design that is well thought. Hand made from start to finish in steel or stainless steel finishes, the Budnitz Bicycles Model No. 3 retails for US$ 2,800, available exclusively at Budnitz Bicycles online store.