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Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept | By David Reisenberg

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Designer David Reisenberg has been waiting for Canon to release its mirrorless camera system, but the anticipation made him feel restless. In his own words, “I decided to put to paper, or rather to CAD and rendering software, my vision of such a camera. After about a month of learning, debating, modeling and rendering, the Canon AE-D came to life.” The Canon AE-D Mirrorless Camera System Concept uses a full-frame 18.1 megapixel sensor borrowed from the Canon 1DX, plus a “CM-D” Lens mount that fits all EF Lenses with an adapter, including a concept 50mm f/1.0L prime kit lens with direct aperture control. Finally, the detachable viewfinder incorporates the prism hump of the AE cameras. A handsome retro-inspired case is the icing on the cake. Check out more looks following the click. via: Gear Patrol