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FREIGHTLINER Revolution Innovation Truck Concept

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The commercial trucking industry is responsible for carrying products from A to B in almost every sector  of our economy and to almost every corner of our country, bringing to life the industry's motto: "If you bought it, a truck brought it." So it makes sense for a leader in the trucking industry, FREIGHTLINER, to work to redefine the face of commercial trucking with innovations in aerodynamics, building materials, and engine design wrapped into their Revolution Innovation truck concept. Revealed at this week's Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky, the Revolution Innovation stole the spotlight with changes that demonstrated the brand's knowledge of their prominent end-user, the driver. In addition to changes in framing materials that save an average of 200 pounds and the positions of the engine and axle, designers built this next generation truck with fuel efficiency in mind and scrapped the second door in place of an improved work and cabin layout. Changes in lighting and low-drag cameras mark key exchanges on the outside of the concept, which is a fully functional truck that will soon be operational. Hit after the jump to check out the full video of its features and scroll through additional shots. via: Autoblog