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URWERK UR-110 "Torpedo" ST & TTH

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The UR-110 by Swiss watchmaker Urwerk has won acclaim -- and its fair share of detractors -- for its asymmetrical display, featuring a unique movement made up of a central bearing around which three satellite "torpedoes" rotate. The time can only be seen when looking at the right side of the dial, which features a vertically arced line graded from 0 to 60 minutes. The movement also includes a seconds indicator, day/night indicator and "oil change" indicator (the timepiece has to be sent away to be serviced every few years). Uwerk has debuted two new styles of the UR-110 model -- the UR-110 TTH and UR-110 ST. The UR-110 TTH features a bezel crafted from tantalum, an especially dense and hard metal known for its corrosion resistance and bio-inertness, that has a thickness of 4.10mm (other UR-110s have bezels measuring 2.40mm). The UR-110 ST, meanwhile, is distinguished by a unique grooved AlTiN bezel. Click through for more looks.