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Acid Drops - Watercolored Skateboarding Animations | By Matt Box & Unreal Estate

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Since its introduction five months, the skateboarding animations by English artist Matt Box and creative collective Unreal Estate have broadened the notion of skateboarding videography. With just the fundamentals in stop motion capture and most basic water coloring techniques, Box redefined the genre quite literally. You won't find hardcore death metal music as the backdrop, sharp twists and turns, nor obtuse characters. What you will find is the edgy action sport in a softer, lighter setting, with a fluidity not unlike the watercolors themselves. And further the Acid Drops series beyond the two animated shorts of Jason Dill and Dylan Rieder, the creative leads in the project recently launched a collection of branded goods, which will help fund more amazing works to come. You will find Acid Drops gears here on Unreal Estate's online store.