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James Cameron x DEEPSEA CHALLENGER - Completed Deepest Ocean Dive Ever

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Just over 12 hours ago, movie director James Cameron and his customized submersible, DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, achieved the unthinkable when both arrived at Mariana Trench"s Challenger Deep. At depth of 35,756 feet below sea level, it is now the deepest point on Earth to be reached by mankind. An expedition seven years in the making, Cameron embarked on a quest with obstacles identical to the first moon landing. With help from a team of oceanographers, marine biologist, engineers, as well as generous sponsorships from National Geographic and Rolex. Then there was the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, a mission specific submersible designed by Cameron and Ron Allum. At 24-foot long and shaped like a vertical torpedo, the vehicle spun slowly as it descended for speed as well as accuracy. In fact, it took Cameron 70 minutes to hit his final destination at 6.8-mile below. Crammed with over 180 systems including a robotic arm, a RED Epic HD camera and several other HD cameras custom designed for the dive, Cameron not just satisfied his personal curiosities but opened a new chapter in deep sea exploration.