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CONVERSE Music Collaboration "Three Artists. One Song" Kimbra + Mark Foster + A-Trak

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Fresh off its musical project with virtual band Gorillaz, genre bending Andre 3000, and electronica influencer James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, CONVERSE embarks on a new musical collaboration for its "Three Artists. One Song" series featuring the talents of KimbraMark Foster, and DJ A-Trak

Though best known for her collaboration with Gotye in "Somebody That I Used To Know", Kimbra Johnson Zottola already won accolades from industry head honchos and fans alike, all before the US version of this New Zealand native's debut album VOWS hit stateside. The man behind the musical label Fool's Gold, Alain Macklovitch, better known as DJ A-Trak, not only became the youngest person when he won DMC World DJ Championship at age 15.  He went on and took home titles from all three major DJ competitions, including five World Championships, the first DJ to do so on both accounts. Finally, forever linked to their 2011 summer time anthem "Pumped Up Kicks", Foster the People, along with Mark Foster, have elaborated on that initial success with a breadth of works, "Helena Beat", "Call It What You Want", "Houdini", and etc... The deluge of music is such that it is almost unavoidable, from TV commercial jingles to elevator tunes.

You will find the distinctive sound from all three artists in "Warrior", a track created with the launch CONVERSE's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection in mind, exclusively available at JOURNEYS retail locations nationwide starting this month. "Warrior" and its corresponding music video will be available to music fans via free download on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at