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Rolex Deepsea Challenge Dive Watch - Gone Where No Watch Has Gone Before

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Fifty-two years since Rolex first created the Deep Sea Special watch built exclusively to accompany Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh on their record-breaking trip to the bottom of Challenge Deep, the premium watchmaker was again along for the ride for James Cameron's latest deep dive. The Rolex Deep Sea Challenge was previously just an experimental diving watch, but after Cameron's dive to 35,756 feet (10,898 meters) - a figure unattainable anywhere else on the world - this Rolex is more than certified as waterproof to extreme depths. The Deepsea Challenge measures 28.5mm thick and is a full 11mm thicker than Rolex's production dive watch, the Deepsea, but with the same eye-catching aesthetics. While no information on its availability or pricing has been released, you can still check out a video of its historic journey and additional looks at it in action after the jump. via: Perpetuelle