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Savage Rivale - Retractable Telescopic Multi-Panel Roof System (RTMP) | Video

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With all the money flowing into car design, you would have thought that Savage Rivale's approach to turning your hardtop into a total wind-through-your-hair experience would have already been done - you can probably visualize executives around the world doing a collective palm to the forehead on this one. The  idea is simple: Savage Rivale will use a Retractable Telescopic Multi-Panel (RTMP) Roof  that uses a unique folding mechanism to drop the top of their new 2012 Roadyacht GTS, preventing a waste of space in the trunk and adding more room for additional rear passengers. It has taken their team a year of development time, but now with the necessary patents filed, Savage Rivale has put together an animated clip of their work that demonstrates how the roof locks with the C-pillars and windows to form a uniform roof structure. Since it's a little hard to describe, let the video clip after the jump show you first hand.