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Stussy Livin' General Store - Coffees, Cups, Saucers + Plates

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If you have dreamed of immersing yourself in Stussy, this might be a good chance to make it into reality. Stussy Livin' General Store is now selling their own house blend coffee and matching china to go with it. The original coffee is made by Kawashima Coffee, an established coffee maker who is located in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan. Beans from Brazil, Columbia, and India are blended to create a slightly bitter, yet aromatic taste which can be enjoyed on a daily basis. To keep the coffee beans fresh, an original glass canister was made, which can double as a kitchen decoration as well. To appreciate the coffee, Bonmac was appointed to make the original coffee dripper, ACF from Italy was invited to create the cups and saucers, and another Italian company Saturnia was in charge of producing the assortment of plates. All of these items will be available from Stussy Chapters Japan-wide from Saturday, March 31st.