Yamaha Y125 Moegi Concept Motorcycle


Cars usually take center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show, but the second iteration of Yamaha's Y125 Moegi Concept Bike is certainly still an eye catcher. This motorcycle-bicycle hybrid has a cool, slim aluminum cast frame with a single-cylinder engine pumping enough power to easily reach 50 mph through its four-speed transmission, mainly due to the fact that it weighs in at a whopping 176 pounds. While you probably won't see this bike on your daily commute on the highway, the Moegi can definitely be a hit with the city and college commuting crowd, especially considering the fact that it gets a killer 188 miles per gallon and it has a fresh new look. Its white-walled tires, LED lights, and a sport-bike tail are interesting design choices, but overall Yamaha offers up a great new option for you to buzz around town. via: Gear Patrol