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Lamborghini Ferruccio - 50th Anniversary Concept | By Mark Hostler

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Next year Lamborghini will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, a milestone that Mark Hostler, a transportation design student at Staffordshire University, is recognizing with his Lamborghini Ferruccio concept. The sloping front end and extra wide rear were inspired by the Countach, while the rounded shapes of the front and rear wings are a nod to the Miura's curved lines. The sharp nose and aggressively styled air intakes throughout the body and roof are modeled after Lamborghini's current "stealth fighter" design template. Though the Ferruccio concept is a supercar, it makes concessions to environmentalism by using a V12 engine that's relatively smaller at 5.0 liters, with its valves actuated by pneumatic solenoids controlled by a computer. The result is a vehicle that's still informed with the DNA of Lamborghini, but powered by a cleaner and more efficient engine. Check out more looks in the gallery below. via: Tuvie