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MINI Cooper Yachtsman | April Fools' Day Prank...?

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It's a shame this year's April's Fool's Day fell on a Sunday, because the pranks engineered by the marketers of some of our favorite brands warranted immediate attention, instead of being read about the following day. There was the press release announcing the launch of Virgin Volcanic, in which Richard Branson and Tom Hanks would embark on a journey to the center of the Earth, while YouTube introduced the YouTube Collection on DVD. For auto-related pranks, we tip our hats to MINI, who unveiled the MINI Cooper Yachtsman, a "corner-carving crustacean that promises go-kart (boat) handling and a sensational combination of amphibious and landphibious performance on water." It comes with a shark-resistant undercoating and will sprint from 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds on land (2.4 minutes on water), with a top land-phibious speed of 141 mph. Customizable options include a klaxon that resembles the call of a sea lion, porpoise, sperm whale, dolphin, seagull or mallard duck, plus the choice of personalized under-hull messages, including recommended graphic options like "Suck eggs, Kracken" or "Mermaid Magnet." Priced at $236,000, MINI claims the vehicle will appear at the N.Y. International Auto Show in the Jacob Javits Center on April 4th. We remain dubious about the land-phibious vehicle.