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Andrew Freedman Home - "This Side of Paradise" Project | Street Art Revitalization

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The Andrew Freedman Home was built in New York City's Bronx neighborhood in the early 1920's as a retirement home for seniors who had fallen on hard times. At its height, the Freedman Home was a lavish and plush place to live with countless servants working around the clock to keep the place tidey. Today, the Freedman Home has fall in disrepair and currently serves as a worn down day care center and local event space. Recognizing an opportunity to transform the Freedman Home from a neighborhood eyesore to a source of pride, the non-profit No Longer Empty let top contemporary artists -- including Adam Parker Smith, Cheryl Pope, CRASH, Daze, How and Nosm, Jaime Rojo, Justen Ladda -- to run free and bring the home back to life with their own unique designs and creations, each taking a room for themselves. The opening reception to celebrate the transformation is scheduled for April 4th from 6-8pm followed by an after-party at the Freedman Home. Get additional event information at the This Side of Paradise project's homepage and check out a sneak peek after the jump. via: Brooklyn Street Art

This Side of Paradise
The Andrew Freedman Home
1125  Grand Concourse | Map
Bronx, New York 10452

Opening Reception Date: April 4th, 2012 (Wednesday) 6 pm - 8 pm

Smith, Cheryl Pope, CRASH, Daze, How and Nosm, Jaime Rojo, Justen Ladda, No Longer Empty, Scherezaede Garcia