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Mazda2 vs. The Wall Of Death | Video

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"Dynomite" Dave Seymour of Demon Drome usually rides a 1920s Indian Motorcycle on the Wall of Death, a wood-paneled motordrome from the early 1900s that represents one of the earliest extreme sports. The only things keeping the rider from flaming out are centrifugal force and plenty of skill. Mazda wanted to show off the versatility of its subcompact Mazda2 by having "Dynomite" Dave drive the vehicle on the Wall of Death, which he was able to do for approximately eight laps, maintaining a speed of around 31 miles per hour while experiencing g-forces of 2.5g. The Mazda2 underwent modifications to the suspension to provide enough clearance so it could mount the vertical wall, but the rest of the stunt was all Dave, who had to maintain a constant rate of speed throughout, and gently steer the car for the dismount without flipping it over. Check out the video following the click. via: WCF