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Roots of Fight: The Bruce Lee Influence on MMA | Video

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Roots of Fight introduces a mini-documentary exploring Bruce Lee's impact on the evolution of mixed martial arts, featuring rare archival footage of Lee, as well as insights from some of today's finest MMA fighters, including Paul Lazenby, Eddie Bravo and Ralek Gracie. The short film traces the development of Bruce Lee's style, beginning with the rigid techniques of Wing Chun, to the opening of his first Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, to the ultimate realization that the best and most complete fighter has no style at all. As Paul Lazenby explains, Lee's journey parallels the development of the sport of mixed martial arts itself, highlighted by the attitude that "you build your own style, using whatever works for you." An accompanying capsule collection of tees and sweatshirts inspired by Lee's Seattle-based Jun Fan Gung Fu institute is available here. Check out the video following the click.