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Hennessy x Manny Pacquiao "What's Your Wild Rabbit"

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Hennessy's "What's Your Wild Rabbit?" campaign is the rather oblique -- if poetic -- celebration of the pursuit of one's dreams. Created by the Droga5 agency in New York, the campaign essentially asks "What drives you?" and features the tagline "Never stop. Never settle." Using spokespeople who engage the personal values of the company's core target, Hennessy seeks to address those who are always striving to realize their potential, just as Hennessy has been attempting to make the perfect Cognac, even after 248 years of business. The newest commercial centers around boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, tracing his ascension from his humble beginnings in the Philippines to the bright lights of Las Vegas. His wild rabbit? "Fighting the fights that really matter," says the congressman-slash-world champion. The video -- plus an accompanying behind-the-scenes look -- follow the jump.