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1-2-1 with Jeff Staple featuring Paul Mayhinney of Record-Rama | Video

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Just about three years ago, a short video surfaced on the internet called The Archive. It showcased the world's largest record collection by a music enthusiast Paul Mayhinney of Record-Rama. Not only did he have the largest collection of records, he also painstakingly cataloged each record, giving future generations an archive of records that were pressed in the past. The Archive also acted as an avenue to find a potential buyer for the massive collection and at the time, Mayhinney could not find a buyer for his collection. Jeff Staple recently took a trip out to Pittsburgh to speak with Mayhinney about his collection and its history. Luckily for Mayhinney, he has finally found a buyer with a very ironic twist. Find out more after the jump by watching the full interview.