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BMW 3 Series - "Three of a Kind" | Video

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One normally doesn't associate comedy with the Bavarian Motor Works brand, but a short film entitled "Three of a Kind" aims to inject some laughter while showcasing the BMW 3 Series, originally launched in 1975. The story revolves around a classic love triangle, with free-spirited Derek and slick business operator Gordon both attempting to woo the lovely Keri. The three characters embody three generations of the BMW 3 Series: Derek in his flower-print shirt and bell-bottomed jeans representing the first generation; Gordon with his slicked back hair and brick-sized mobile phone evoking the second generation of the 1980s; and Keri in her 1990s bright yellow M3 from the third generation of BMW 3 models. Check out the video below to see who Keri drives off with in the end.