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Romain Jerome - Moon Dust Watch Collection

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It has been a while since a trip to the moon has been the top priority for many space programs, but that doesn't mean the big pie in the sky isn't still mesmerizing. That's what makes Switzerland's Romain Jerome's Moon Dust Watch Collection so unique; each includes a certificate ensuring it includes actual moon dust particles in the mineral construction of the crater-specked dial, which comes in your choice of a sparking steel, black, grey,  ochre, or white face color. Romain Jerome will make 1,969 watches -- matching the year of Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's first journey to the moon -- that are built using steel from the Apollo XI space shuttle in the case and fibers from a spacesuit worn on an international space station mission. Even the mechanically self-winding watch hands are designed to replicate Sputnik's antennas. Can this get any cooler? Check out additional looks at your color choices after the jump before heading to Romain Jerome's online store or an authorized retailer to pick one up.