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BRAUN BNC010 Digital Alarm Clock

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BRAUN has a long, respected reputation for making high quality electronic goods since its founding back in 1921, but in the last year we have seen the German label really pump it up in the aesthetics department. This, however, doesn't mean they have been sacrificing any of the intelligent design principles that have remained at the core of this brand. Perhaps one of the best recent examples of this is their Digital Table Clock, which builds on their 20+ years of making travel alarm clocks and meshes that with the clean look of smooth curves and a large reverse LCD display. Measuring 180mm x 90mm x 56mm, this pocket friendly gadget features an FM/AM radio, a 6-channel preset function, a volume control and a digital tuner. The clock can also be set to 12- or 24-hour mode. Available now from select BRAUN retailers, including Gessato in Black or White.