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iPhone Boom Mic For Video Capture

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If you're into making videos on your Apple iPhone 4/4s - and, let's face it, who isn't - and you're tired of lackluster sound quality, then Photojojo has a new tool sure to transform your hand-held productions. Small enough to slip into your pocket or bag and light enough to not be a burden, this iPhone Boom Mic attaches to your phone and plugs directly into the jack using a plastic clamp. Its built-in hinge gives you several directional settings to help you capture the sound you need and is flexible enough to fit over most phone cases. You can even extend its functionality further by using the Boom Mic as a stand to capture professional interviews if holding out your phone doesn't fit the bill. It runs off of one triple-A battery and is available now from at the Photojojo online store. Check it out after the jump.